What can I expect?

Some new clients are nervous about coming to therapy. They don’t know what to expect, they may be afraid the therapist will judge them or take sides with other family members, or they may be nervous about the outcome. To alleviate some of these fears, here is some of what you can expect from therapy.

Coming to therapy means setting aside a specific time, usually weekly, where you can focus on changing what is not working in your life.  It is an opportunity to speak openly and honestly with someone who is there to listen without judgment. My role is to understand what you are experiencing, help you clarify what you would like to change, and provide feedback about ways you might make changes.

When working with couples or families, my role is to facilitate open and honest discussions between family members. At home, these discussions usually end in heated arguments, or unexpressed resentments. My goal is to keep the discussion from getting to that point, instead making sure everyone has a chance to express his or her thoughts and feelings. I share my observations and may in the moment stop the discussion to help clients learn new ways of interacting with each other that are more productive. I may also give couples or families new ways of relating to practice at home between sessions.

There may be times when therapy is uncomfortable and you do not want to come. That is usually the best time to come, as it means you are working towards learning something important about yourself, and need the support. 

I love what I do and truly enjoy watching my clients’ progress towards their goals. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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